Vanilla Cake


Let them have cake…minus the calories! Great for cars, closets, dresser drawers, bathrooms, vacuums, and gift baskets.

Scent Inspiration:

      • Your favorite vanilla cake to celebrate special occasions
      • Breakfast time pastries to go with your morning routine
      • Enticing sweet sugar

Made in the USA.

Name Range Discount
Pack of 3 $9.95 for 3 Quantity(s)
Pack of 6 $14.99 for 6 Quantity(s)
Pack of 12 $28.99 for 12 Quantity(s)
Pack of 24 $59.99 for 24 Quantity(s)
Pack of 144 $359.99 for 144 Quantity(s)


Vanilla Cake Scented Sachet

SKU: VC1415

Revel in the mouthwatering fragrance of vanilla cake. The arrival of the holidays makes this sachet the perfect choice for this time of year! Get everyone in the mood for celebrating and put these great-smelling sachets to work for you by:

      • Stashing one with your sweaters and cold weather gear when you store them to keep them smelling seasonally sensational
      • Tucking one in your glove compartment or under a seat to keep your car odor free
      • Including one in fall or winter-themed gift baskets and crafts
      • Putting one anywhere you need to battle odors – under your trash bag, behind the toilet, in closets or by the kitty litter box
      • Putting in lightly simmering water so the fragrance permeates the air

WARNING: Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach from children. Contents may cause discoloration or damage if contacted with fabrics, rugs, furniture and other household surfaces.


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